Guess what? I am not going to let you in here. I know you really don't belong, perhaps you were curious what cool toys that I get to play with. I really don't care. We have the power to fry your brains. (Yes, I really did write a tool for me (Ken) to do this)

Why did I give them such power to hurt you? Do you really want to know? It is becuase I dont like you! Not at all. Whining about access and utilities that you never even use really makes me mad.

So you still really think you belong here, Huh? Do you think I am going to give you access just because you say so? Are you that ignorant? If you really want to get into this page THAT badly, you can nicely ask Stephan to take care of it. Who knows, he might know what a .htpasswd file is. Grin.

What? You are going to give him your password? Sure, go right on ahead. I dare you. He really needs your passwords so he can surf porn as you! Remember, when asking for .htpasswd access here, NEVER give your password, or my pale friend will see if you were silly enough to use it on PayPal too. If you dont know how to generate a password hash then ask.

Dont assume that I am a good person becuase I work here. I am not. I am mean, evil, sleep deprived, and somewhat grouchy.

If you give me your password I will sic Sydney and Charley on you for being dumb. Try me.... Please.... I need a laugh.... Whats your password?? No really What is it???



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